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Stu-P in a Pot

Stu-P in a Pot

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Stu-P in a Pot amigurumi

This is a PDF Pattern, not a finished product.


Stu-P is a cute pig who likes to have a mud bath. He went to play in the field and could not find any pot to enjoy his mud bath. While he sat down on the field, he met Fefe who was on the way home. Adored by his cuteness, Fefe brought Stu-P home and ask her sisters to look for a pot big enough for Stu-P. Riri managed to find a pot for Stu-P and Nana went out to gather mud to fill into the pot. Stu-P can finally enjoys his bath.



Finished dimensions: ~ 10 x 7.5 x 6 cm

Materials and tools needed:

- Sports/baby weight yarn (cat 2)

- Crochet hook 2.25mm (Jap 3/0)

- Eyes: 4mm stick-on black eyes

- Polyester fiberfill

- Tapestry needle

- Scissors


Happy crocheting ^^

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